Corporate Social Responsibility

Coquecol has a positive impact on the communities surrounding its work areas and benefits its families, placing extreme importance on Corporate Social Responsibility as a fundamental pillar of its management.

Coquecol is not content to be part of a sector that contributes more than 1 billion dollars a year to the country through the export of its materials, its social contributions go much further.

Currently, Coquecol benefits 5,769 people through its Foundation (Coquecol Foundation, formerly Funcarbón). The Coquecol Foundation works in 4 main areas: the main area is education, with 46% of the beneficiaries, social production (17%), communication groups (16%) and volunteers and donations (20%) make up the rest. The beneficiaries are distributed geographically between Cundinamarca (44%), Boyacá (28.7%) and Norte de Santander (24.4%).